What is a Good Home Tattoo Gun?

Depending on your experience level and skill, you can use a homemade tattoo gun. These devices are fun and personal, but they can also be dangerous if you are not adequately trained. Make sure that you only use them on synthetic skin or fruit. First, you need a small four-hole button, which you should glue to the motor shaft using superglue. The controller needs to have open holes to attach the needle.


The Stigma of a home tattoo gun is made from aircraft aluminum and features an engraved script. It is powered by a 4.5 watt Made in Switzerland motor and is very efficient. Because it has a single-phase motor, it is quiet and does not cause vibration. The Stigma also comes with two tattoo batteries, vital for artists working on longer tasks. It is also portable and lightweight, so you can easily carry it.


The Dragonfly home tattoo gun has many advantages over a traditional ink-based machine. The Dragonfly machine features a Swiss X2 motor with a 6W mechanical output, a battery-operated system, and adjustable stroke lengths. The device is lightweight and noise-free. It also accepts standard tubes, grips, and needles. It is similar to the Stingray tattoo machine but is designed with a new cam system that allows the hand to travel in a perfectly linear fashion for color packing and lining.


The Cheyenne home tattoo gun is an advanced machine that can produce professional quality work in the comfort of your own home. Its durable design and flexible nozzle allow for precise shade and design. Furthermore, this machine can provide low vibration and not cause wrist fatigue, which is a common problem with other tattoo pens. It is recommended that you invest and buy a quality machine to ensure safety and comfort.

Sol Terra:

The Cheyenne Sol Terra is a revolutionary tattoo machine that delivers a superior angled tattoo experience. It has a dual-level control panel with two settings – hard for perfect liner results and Sensis for more traditional coil tattoos. All locations are adjustable to optimize your tattoo experience and minimize pain. In addition, the gun’s quiet operation is beneficial during the healing process. The SOL Terra is equipped with a 3.5mm jack and a four-mm stroke for vibrant lines.


When choosing a tattoo machine, make sure you choose one suitable for the type of work you are going to be doing. The Hawink CNC PFARRER P2 is a high-end machine that works well for making lines, shading, coloring, and makeup. The device has an FK core driver system and a high-quality Japanese motor. Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. It has a powerful engine that runs quietly with a slight vibration and a 0.5-mm thick spring, making it an excellent choice for absorbing shocks.


The Sunskin Stillo is a professional tattoo gun built to last. The machine is made of high-grade aluminum and features an outer shell that is finished using contemporary anodizing techniques to highlight the color and shape of the casing. Its other impressive features are a titanium mechanism and a high-end German motor. In addition, the Stillo is equipped with three interchangeable aluminum grips and a 1, 90-meter cord.

Pirate Face:

The Pirate Face Tattoo Kit includes everything you need to start tattooing at home. This set contains several tattoo machine guns, more than 50 needles, a manual book, power supply cables, and protective gloves. This kit is affordable yet has the features that will allow even the most inexperienced tattoo artist to succeed. It also includes a high-quality tattoo machine with adjustable settings. It is an excellent choice for beginners.

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