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Selective Enrollment High Schools emphasize international flavor and integrate mathematics, art, and other subjects into their regular curriculum. Students are encouraged to take as many foreign languages as possible and participate in academic competitions on the state and national levels. These programs are designed to help students succeed in college. Graduates often attend elite colleges and universities. The debate on the effectiveness of selective enrollment has been raging for years. While it may seem unfair, it’s the best way to improve the program.

The number of students admitted to selective enrollment high schools is growing. Unlike traditional public schools, SEHS is highly selective, with one in five students from the most affluent and middle-class neighborhoods. As a result, students from low-income communities are barred from attending these selective enrollment high schools. The system also fosters achievement segregation, with the high-performing students concentrated in elite programs, while low-performing children are sent to schools with poor conditions and fewer resources.

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The selective enrollment process works using a three-part formula to determine whether a student is eligible to attend. The scores are based on a student’s NWEA MAP test scores, seventh grade grades, and scores on a special admissions exam. A student’s score will be higher if they meet minimum criteria. However, some students will be ruled ineligible after applying, and will have to wait until they are accepted in a more traditional public high school.

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