What can I eat after ultrasonic cavitation?

The possibilities of ultrasound examination are extensive. Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity is incredibly informative. The vital organs of a person are localized – the abdominal arteries, liver, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas, etc. because of the recommended preventive examination plan once a year. Therefore, there is a high probability of diagnosing and preventing further disease development at an early stage.

Patients agree with this type of study as it is painless and does not pose a health risk. Ultrasound allows you to determine the size, shape, localization, and structure of the abdominal organ’s precise status of blood vessels and tubes.

Focal formations are easily visible on ultrasound, such as hepatomegaly, tumor metastases, cysts, abscesses, hematomas, adenomas, and calculi. Still, confirmation of the diagnosis, especially in oncology, is possible after histological examination only. Even a tiny amount of free fluid (from 100 ml) in the abdominal cavity is diagnosed with a cavitation machine by ultrasound.

For several days, the diet will consist of:

  • Cereal/barley, oats, buckwheat /;
  • Hard-boiled eggs;
  • Low-fat boiled chicken, young meat/;
  • Low-fat boiled fish /cod, Pollock, pikeperch/;
  • Soup cooked in broth, without pasta, beets, and cabbage.
  • Food can also be cooked in a double boiler, slow cooker, or foil oven.

Of course, this seems overwhelming. But for the correct diagnosis, you can endure it for days. Another point to consider when preparing meals for the study: most of them would typically have to be reduced. It’s best to stick to a fractional and frequent diet approach. Eating a complete diet increases the accuracy percentage of the results. In mild cases, Food is observed during the day. Sometimes patients need to refrain from eating during the day. By limiting drinking only, the last food contact should be in the form of a light dinner before 6:00 PM the previous evening.

Immediately before the ultrasound examination, do not eat breakfast like using water when it reaches the stomach or gallbladder.

Ultrasound examination of infants, children, teenagers

As for the children, their parents were, in principle, restricted from unhealthy, fatty, fried foods. But there are educators of young organisms who do not follow the advice of pediatricians. Therefore, you must try to exclude from the child’s diet:

  • Modern pastries (burgers, pizza, etc.);
  • any sweets
  • milkshakes;
  • carbonated drink
  • Candy.

In principle, such a product is dangerous for children and sooner or later leads to a doctor.

For infants, one feeding is allowed before the ultrasound in the morning. Two hours before the examination, it is not recommended to drink baby water an hour before going to the doctor. Its best if the procedure takes place during sleep. An awake and hungry baby will be alert, which may interfere with the doctor’s work.

A teenager’s approach is almost the same as an adult’s. The only difference is that it is recommended to abstain from junk food during the day because the body is not clogged like in adults.

Emergency research

Doctors often diagnose patients who come to them urgently. Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity is most associated with food violations in obese people or on vacation when the diet does not end. Fatty and fried foods, mayonnaise salads, and other fatty and unhealthy foods, including alcohol-carbonated drinks, are not only disease organs that can be offended but also strengthen the organs.

The diagnosis can be very severe. Even having to undergo surgery but if there is no scheduled surgery; patients are prescribed a strict diet and enzyme therapy. After that, a second ultrasound will be done. The results after following all the instructions will be excellent. The digestive organs rest and recover for further functioning.

Painkillers are not recommended to be taken before an ambulance! Not only can painkillers relieve pain, but they also have symptoms such treatment is called symptomatic.

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