Top 4 Summer Skin Care Tips to Shield Your Little Ones from the Sun

The summers are finally here, and your kids are probably excited. It is the best time to play under the sun, run on the beaches and have loads of fun. However, along with all the fun and frolic comes skin problems like rashes and sunburns.

That’s why it’s so important to take care of your child’s skin during the summer. You can start by using toddler skin care products and making them wear comfortable clothes.

Curious to know more?

Here are some simple tips to protect your child’s skin so they can enjoy the summers.

Hydration is a Must

It’s essential for kids to drink sufficient water during the summer to stay hydrated. This will nourish their skin and prevent skin irritations effectively.

So, you can give kids lemonade, watermelon juice, and other refreshing drinks if they don’t like water. Moreover, fresh fruits and vegetables will also provide them with water to keep their skin healthy.

Besides, bathe them twice a day with a gentle body wash to avoid skin problems like eczema.

Use the Right Skin Care Products

The scorching heat can make your kid’s skin dry and flaky. So, you need to use the right products to moisturise their skin properly.

So, begin by using a gentle moisturiser and baby cream to keep your little one’s skin nourished. Also, you can use moisturising lotions containing ingredients like Avocado oil and Vitamin E, which are great for the skin.

Lastly, apply sunscreen on the exposed areas of the body when they’re going out to play. Check for ingredients like shea butter and coconut in these products before purchasing them.

Tip: Always keep a pack of child-friendly skin wipes handy. Use them on your children’s skin to prevent rashes and sunburns.

Dress Them in Breezy Fabric

With high-quality skin care products, you need to dress kids in breathable clothes. So, make sure they wear cotton and linen fabrics to keep them cool. These fabrics are ideal for the summer as they don’t stick to your child’s skin.

Moreover, make them wear only bright colours and avoid shades of black or dark brown. This is because dark tones absorb the heat and will make your child feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, ensure that the clothes are loose fitting and not stuffy. Full-sleeved clothes can be another excellent option for sun protection.

You can also add a cute cap or summer hat to complete the look.

Reduce Their Sun Exposure

Reducing sun exposure is perhaps the smartest tip of them all. The less time your kids spend outside, the healthier their skin will be. So, let your kids go out and play when the sun isn’t at its peak (like 9am to 1pm).

  • Set them free during the post-lunch hours when the heat is collectively low, and its comfortable outside.
  • Give them a hat, apply sunscreen and dress them in comfortable clothes.

You can stay worry-free by following these tactics.

If you want to take it up a notch, create shade for them. Adding a huge umbrella on your porch and letting your kids play under it can be great.

Along with selecting toddler skin care products and comfy clothes, ensure your kids are maintaining personal hygiene. Make them wash their hands after coming back from the outdoors. Also, never skip daily bathing and dress kids in fresh clothes every day.

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