Things You Didnt Know About Stage Lifts

During the production period, you’ll see many people doing odd jobs, from quieting actors’ shoes during performances to securing scenery. You might even see the oddest things, like a revolving stage, replete with several stage lifts. This is where the production assistants come in handy. These workers often do more than just operate stage lifts. They also perform other tasks, such as mounting scenery or rigging lighting.

If you’re looking for a stage lift or other stage equipment, it is best to get it inspected by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). They are experts in the products that they sell, and they know their products better than anyone. If you’re unfamiliar with stage lifts, consider hiring a company that specializes in such maintenance. Handling Specialty, for example, offers a planned maintenance service plan along with the delivery of their equipment. They also provide inspections during a shutdown, which is often unavoidable.

Final Thought

Aside from maintenance, you should also keep an eye on the performance of the lift. The stage should be safe for the performers, and stage equipment should be well maintained. The original equipment manufacturer will know your product better than anyone else. A planned maintenance service plan is an important part of theatre equipment maintenance. Whether you need a new stage lift for your show or need a simple repair, Handling Specialty will help you maintain your mechanical theatre equipment to keep your show on the road.

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