Sitecore – Master Clone the Content and Application With Great Elements

If you need to clone elements, Sitecore has a powerful feature that lets you do just that. You can clone an item and all of its subitems in a single click. When you are cloning an element, the new copy has the same id and class values as the original. When you change the original, the resulting id is the same as the new one.

When you clone an item in a workflow, the state properties are copied to the clone. However, if you change the state of the original item, the cloned item will not be affected. This means that you should keep the original item’s id, title, and description fields unchanged. This ensures that your users don’t experience errors when navigating between the two clones.

In Conclusion

You can clone items in a workflow by using the clone() method. When you clien the original item, the value of the field is updated in the clone. This can be quite a convenient tool for a web developer. You can create multiple copies of the same element and use them to duplicate your content. This way, you can maintain the same version of the same page, but the user will be able to use the same URL.

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