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Principle of installation fiber cement board 

Leave traces on the fiber cement board. It is important in the construction of a single-storey house. (Knock-down house) should leave a trace of 6 mm. for fiber cement board, thickness 6/8 mm., installed outside. Leave a trace of 4 mm. for fiber cement board thickness 4 mm. and fiber cement board thickness 6 / 8 mm. Install ceiling, interior walls and bathroom wall

use scrap boards according to the groove thickness to be spaced Plug in the joint before firing installation, for example, leave a groove of 4 mm., use a 4 mm. board to plug in the joint

*** Precautions for installation must leave traces per 4-6 mm.

For fiber cement board, thickness 16 / 18 mm. with surface covering material to be installed in close contact, in case the floor length does not exceed 6 meters, install with a gap of 4-6 mm., in case the floor length exceeds 6 meters

Examples of fiber cement board installation work

Fiber cement board, thickness 8 mm., leaving traces of 4 mm. for interior walls

Fiber cement board, eaves ceiling, size 60x120 cm, thickness 4 mm.

  • Leave traces per 4 mm.

Fiber cement board, thickness 8 mm., leaving traces of 6 mm. for interior walls

*** Precautions for installation must leave traces per 4-6 mm.

Principle of firing fiber cement board screws away from the corner of the sheet 5 cm.

Tips -Firing the main screw 2 MO • Do not shoot “on the verge” • Do not shoot “Corner”

Use a screw at the end of a drill with wings, length 7x25 mm., to fix the metal frame. ***Precautions for installation: Not on the verge of shooting, not shooting corners.

The distance between the screws of the fiber cement board and the distance between the screw anchors is 20 cm.

Leave a trace on the corner of the fiber cement board wall. Leave a trace on the corner of the wall 6 mm.

Grooved wall corners with PU polyurethane sealant ***Precautions for installation must leave the corners of the joints.

Precautions for installation Fiber cement board shot incorrectly by shooting diagonal corners of the sheet. Diagonal corner is the weak point of fiber cement board, floor board 16 mm., wall board 8 mm.

Push-button installation Plastering the joints of the sheets and smooth plastering at the corners “causing cracks later”

The board length is not enough, use the way to install the board with spacer per sheet.

In the case of wall panels, height 280 cm., building a house must reinforce the horizontal frame at a height of 240-280 cm. to support the connection of the panels. and for the strength of the frame

bathroom wall case ceramic tile Use fiber cement board thickness 10 mm. for strength. reduce flicker Install the rough surface facing out. because of the rough surface It will help the cement glue stick better.

Tips-Installation of fiber cement board/cement board/gypsum board We can install interior wall boards. Raised above the floor 5 cm. to prevent moisture. To make the walls more airy, make the floor level to the ceiling not less than 240 cm. Keep the floor and wall joints with 4 inches fiber cement cornice.

Installation of fiber cement board around the door-window frame

*** Precautions for installation The installation of the board around the door and window frame must leave the groove separately. “It will make the corners around the jamb not crack”

*** Precautions for installation Installing the board cut into the jamb shape causes the board to “crack at the corner of the jamb”

Example of installing fiber cement board 6 mm., leaving grooves

In case of ceiling, use fiber cement board 6 mm. to install with 6 mm. grooves to be in the same line as the wall.

Principle of installation of fiber cement board eaves, thickness 4 mm., size 60x120 cm.

  • Do not plaster smooth because cracks will occur.
  • External ceiling boards installed in close contact, do not plaster.
  • External ceiling board, installed with a gap of 4 mm.
  • Use a magnetic block head to shoot the screw so that the screw head doesn’t sink too deep..

Principle of installation of fiber cement board floor 16-20 mm.

Install the floor with fiber cement board, thickness 16-20 mm. with covering materials such as tile, laminated rubber, ceramic tile.

  • In case the floor length does not exceed 6 meters, no further traces must be left. Can be installed in a snap-on style
  • In case the floor is longer than 6 meters, leave a trace of 4 mm. to seal the joint as well. Polyurethane Sealant (PU Sealant)

Installation of gypsum board 12 mm.

Gypsum board wall 12 mm. Cut the gypsum board with a cutter knife.

Close-fitting and smooth plastered joints

Should raise the wall 5 cm. to prevent water and moisture

Shoot screws 2 cm away from the edge. Distance 20 cm.

Installed with a structural steel frame using screws at the end of the drill, length 7x25 mm.

Installed on the gypsum frame, thickness 0.52 mm., using pointed screws, length 6x25 mm.

Summary of installation methods for ceiling, wall, floor, fiber cement board

2 MO is not firing at the front and not shooting at the corner.

2 vo is to leave traces, except the corner of the wall.

1 wait is a distance of 20 cm.

Fiber cement board wall 8 mm., V-grooved edge, Fiber cement board 8 mm., sloping edge on 2 sides, Fiber cement board floor 16-20 mm. Ceiling, gypsum board 9 mm. Wall, gypsum board 12 mm.

***Installed with a close-fitting kit, not leaving a groove.

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