Microfiber Cloth and Its Significant Benefits

Microfiber is a fiber made of polyester and nylon with a density of one or less. The fiber is split into many smaller parts, which are smaller than a human hair. In a more precise sense, microfiber is 1/100 the diameter of a human hair, which means it is really small.

Due to its smaller density, microfiber cloth becomes an excellent tool for cleaning and removing dirt from lens surfaces. This spudz microfiber cloth can penetrate cracks that cotton cloths or paper towels cannot reach.

Here are the significant benefits of microfiber cloth for your cleaning.

Optics Use of Microfiber Cloth

This cloth is used as a lens cloth for cleaning your optics lens. It removes all smudges off your lens and leaves your lens stainless. It is made specifically for cleaning the lens of your camera and glasses and can also be used to clean other parts of your device. It best removes all types of smudges, even if you don’t use any lens cleaning fluid. As the oil and dirt are so effectively trapped in the cloth, it can be considered the best lens cleaner cloth on the market.

Convenient to Use

The cloth comes with a neoprene pouch that prevents the fabric from absorbing dust or dirt over time. As it is machine washer safe, you can easily clean all the glasses, lenses, electronic gadgets, spotting scope, and optic lenses. And you can use as much time as required.

Removing Streaks

The spudz microfiber cloth is best for cleaning streaks from glass and stainless steel. This material is so absorbent that it perfectly cleans its surfaces and steel without leaving any streaks. It also cleans any spills. Since these towels are made to absorb seven times more than the liquid of their weight, there is no chance of any spot left on the surface.

Easily Washable, Come with a Pouch

The microfiber lens cleaning cloth is easily washable in machines and dries up quickly. It is important to note that these should be washed before use, but never wash yours with any other towel or cloth as the fiber quality will affect it. You should use detergent while washing and not add bleach or fabric softener. You can use ammonia to improve the performance of the cloth. You can quickly dry in a dryer using low heat as it takes less time to dry. These towels come with an attached open-bottom pouch that protects them.

Removes Any Smudges

It is often used to clean and remove smudges from all kinds of expensive lenses and computer screens, and it does not leave any smudge marks. It cleans better when used with water and slowly rubs the cloth on the lens for better shine. It is also perfect for cleaning any show pieces and expensive pieces for better shine. It comes in varieties of patterns and colors to choose from.


Cleaning is part of the daily routine, and to make it better and more manageable, these cleaner clothes come in handy. You should keep this microfiber cloth for everyday cleaning in a fast and simple way. The new designs come in open-bottom pouches, making them even more convenient to carry and use.

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