Kerala’s New Caravan Tourism Project

If you have an idea to start a caravan tourism project, it is not an impossible task. The government has already designated KTIL as the nodal agency for the project. Private caravans equipped with toilets and kitchens would be available for rent by tourists. Such vehicles would be given access to government land, with basic infrastructure including electricity and water supply extended for a fee. Larger caravans are best suited for family outings or groups of friends Playfire.

In an attempt to revive Kerala’s struggling tourism sector, the state government has taken fresh measures. The Keravan Kerala project is one of them. It is a non-intrusive mode of tourism development that responds to the needs of post-pandemic world travellers. This new tourism product promises an affordable, comfortable, customized, and safe travel experience. However, it is unclear how much money the government will invest in this initiative Eworld.

The government is willing to provide a subsidy of Rs 7.5 lakh to the first 100 entrepreneurs to start a caravan tourism project. These vehicles will come equipped with air-conditioning, audio-video facilities, charging systems, GPS, and WiFi. They will also feature kitchenettes and dining tables with all the modern amenities. The government has also approved the construction of specially designated caravan parks to ensure smoother transportation. Once these parks are up and running, the project will provide the country with the much-needed tourism boost Mixbit.

Riyas says the caravan tourism project will be a success if it can meet the needs of travellers and locals. The eco-friendly quotient will be a huge selling point and the vehicles will be Bharat Stage VI compliant. To ensure safety, IT-enabled real-time monitoring will be in place. Further, a foolproof approval mechanism will be implemented to grant permission to caravan operations. It is crucial that the motor vehicle department and the State Motor Vehicles Department comply with all rules and regulations regarding caravan operation Myweblog.

The state tourism department has announced that the new Caravan project will launch in October 2021. As of the moment, 154 individuals have applied to start caravan parks. The first hundred caravan parks will have air-conditioned lounges and safe seats for passengers. Additionally, the caravans will come equipped with a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, the parks will be located in strategic locations near popular tourist destinations. The state tourism department is keen to make this new venture a reality Economictimes.

In addition to the Kerala government’s efforts to encourage caravan travel, the state’s Forest Development Corporation has also implemented a model that has proved to be a great success. In addition to wide roads and scenic landscapes, India is also ideally suited for caravan tourism. The state is home to a number of caravans and is a perfect destination for a road trip. However, it will take some time before the tourism board decides to adopt it, which is a good sign.

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