How to Get the Most Out of Your Bath Pillow

For many of us, bath time is a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. Drawing a hot bath, turning down the lights, and putting on your favorite playlist sounds perfect after a long day. Or it even sounds perfect for a self-care day, where you throw in your favorite bath bomb and light some candles. What really tops it off is having a bath pillow. Resting your head on the edge of the bathtub is a good way to get a kink in your neck and turns bath time from restful to stressful. However, you can’t just get any old bath pillow. Some bath pillows won’t fit right in your tub, and some will leave you more uncomfortable than just not having one at all. By getting the right bath pillow that works for you, you can enjoy those refreshing evenings in the tub and get the most out of your bath pillow.

Breathable Cover

The ultimate bath pillow needs to have a soft and breathable cover. This makes it comfortable to use while you are leaning against it in the bathtub. It also makes it easy for your bath pillow to dry quickly without storing excess water. This way, you can use your bath pillow often without worrying about it never drying out and growing mildew or mold. An added feature that helps for quick drying is a built-in hook that allows you to hang it on your shower curtain or a nearby towel rack. After your bath, you can hang your bath pillow and let it quickly air dry so that it’s ready to store before going to bed. No one wants a bath pillow that holds water and takes days to dry out. You want to be able to use your bath pillow and immediately dry and store it until you’re ready to use it again.

Deep Side Pocket

One of the best ways to make the most of your bath pillow is to have storage space. Having a bath pillow that has a side pocket is the perfect use of space. You can store your favorite shower gel right next to you. This eliminates the chance of accidentally leaving it on the bathroom counter and forgetting to grab it before you get in the bath. No one likes the slippery journey across the cold, tile floor to grab your gel! Now your essentials are always right next to you each time you get in the bath.

Powerful Suction Cups

There’s nothing worse than having a bath pillow that moves around while you’re in the tub. You end up spending most of your time adjusting the pillow that you don’t actually get to sit back and relax. A bath pillow that has non-slip suction cups on each corner of the pillow will keep your bath pillow in place throughout your bath time. You can even use your bath pillow in a jacuzzi tub and still keep it stationary for ultimate comfort and relaxation. You also want a bath pillow that fits most tubs. This will ensure you will get the most comfort out of your bath pillow during bath time. The best pillows fit most standard tubs, but it is always good to measure to make sure it will definitely fit. If it’s too small, your body will go over the sides of the bath pillow. If your bath pillow is too large, you will have to reshape it to make it fit, often leaving your bath pillow feeling lumpy and all around uncomfortable. To make the most of your bath pillow, make sure it fits perfectly in your tub.

Toss in the Washing Machine

Every now and then you might want to wash your bath pillow. When you take a bath, you want to feel clean and rejuvenated. Having a dirty bath pillow doesn’t help you feel that way. You need a bath pillow that you can simply toss in the washing machine whenever you want it to be cleaned. This keeps your pillow nice and clean so that you can feel refreshed each time you take a bath. Or if you have multiple family members that use the bath pillow, it’s nice to be able to wash it between uses of different family members. This ensures everyone feels clean and gets the most out of their bath pillow.

Your Favorite Bath Pillow

Getting the best bath pillow for you will only make your bath time even better. Having a bath pillow with a soft and breathable cover will keep you comfortable while allowing for water to drain. By using the side hook, you can easily hang your bath pillow for quick drying and storage. Storing your accessories in the deep side pockets keep your essentials right next to you for bath time. The powerful suction cups will keep your bath pillow in place, and machine washing it will keep it clean for each bath. With all of these features, you can make the most of your bath pillow and your bath time.

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