How NOT to Buy Retractable Banner Stands: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Attending a tradeshow? You’ll need to beautify and brand the booth space you receive. To do so, you’ll need premium-grade retractable banner stands. These promotional tools represent great value for money. They’re dynamic, eye-catching, cheap, portable, easy to use, and reusable. However, that’s not all that your tradeshow marketing items should offer.

According to tradeshow marketing experts, the real objective of attending tradeshows is to build connections with potential customers. Connections between buyers and sellers lead to purchases which is the ultimate goal of every company that attends tradeshows. To achieve this objective, you need your banner stands to be picture-perfect.

Buying Picture-Perfect Tradeshow Banner Stands

The world of tradeshows is growing every year. The number of tradeshow displays and marketing tools is also increasing every year. How can your company buy “picture-perfect” retractable banner stands for your next event? Well, it’s not too difficult. Just avoid these five terrible mistakes when you’re shopping for these useful tradeshow marketing tools –

1. Not Prioritizing High-Quality Graphics

Every brand’s objective in attending tradeshows is to build connections with target customers. Building these connections is impossible without engagement. Engagement only comes from the attraction. Tradeshow attendees will only be attracted to your banners if they feature interesting graphics and designs.

So, the first few questions you ask your banner sellers should be about printing. What printing technology does the company use? Do they offer digital printing? Can they print high-definition graphics on the banners? Can they replace the graphics? Address these questions about banner printing before finalizing your order.

2. Buying Only Indoor Banners

How do you plan to use your retractable banners? Do you only want them for one-off indoor events? Or, do you want to set them up in one spot and keep them there for a long period? Even if you want your retractable banners to only stay indoors – buy banners that are designed for the outdoors.

Banners made of Polypropylene (PP) function well both indoors and outdoors. This material is called the “steel of plastics.” Buy banners made of this material and avoid soft fabric banners. Those banners won’t be able to withstand the rain or the sun’s harsh rays. Outdoor banners will.

3. Not Picking the Right Size

Gone are the days when banner stands only came in a few sizes. Yes, standard 10′ x 10′ retractable banners are still the most popular. But, in today’s market, you can get retractable banners as small as 5 inches or as wide as 31 inches.

4. Not Getting Replaceable Banner Fabrics

You want the ability to change the artwork or message of your retractable banners, right? Then, only buy banner stands that come with reusable hardware. Keep the hardware. Change the fabric to update your brand’s marketing messages.

5. Not Buying from Reliable Banner Sellers

Retractable banners never go out of fashion. That’s why your business will always need a reliable supplier of these marketing tools. So, avoid the terrible error of bargain hunting. Only team up with reliable banner sellers who offer high-quality banners at fair prices.

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