How Does an Air Track Mat Work?

There are several reasons why a gymnast should invest in an air track mat. In addition to being durable and easy to store, they also have a non-slip surface that can be inflated by an electric pump. Read on to learn more about this great mat. You may also be interested in other features, such as its ability to reduce the risk of injury during exercise.


The Air Track mat is ideal for gymnasts and people who are trying to stay fit. Its lightweight design makes it portable. It is also non-slip and prevents injuries. The mat is also easy to clean. It can be rolled or vacuumed. It has a good bounce back, which is important for athletes and people who want to improve their height. It allows you to have longer training sessions and progress faster.

It comes in several different colors. However, the manufacturer does not offer a list of available colors. Therefore, it is up to you to check the color options before making a purchase. You should also consider how heavy the mat is. If you are not comfortable lifting it, you should ask someone to help you.

Easy to store

Designed for maximum flexibility and durability, the Air Track tumbling pad is lightweight and easy to store. Its design features a center rail and four carrying handles, making it ideal for portable workout classes. The mat measures 6m x 1m x 20cm and weighs less than half a ton.

This inflatable mat has self-adhesive loop strips and an electric air pump, and it rolls into a compact cylindrical shape with minimal space. It’s also very easy to inflate and store. It comes with a repair kit, which is a great bonus.

Non-slip surface

An Air Track mat’s in Kameymall non-slip surface is designed to make landings safer. Unlike a conventional floor, it’s air-filled, so it provides extra cushioning for landings. The mat’s anti-slip surface is also ideal for balancing beam and pommel horse training. It’s also designed with a center line that helps to line up tricks. It also features carrying handles on the sides and is stackable using Velcro.

Air Track mats are made of special

Air Track mats are made of special materials that make them flexible and non-slip. There are three important factors to consider when purchasing one:

Air tracks are multipurpose surfaces used for tumbling and gymnastics. They come in different shapes, but they all have the same purpose, which is to train athletes in tumbling. Some of the more common shapes are square, long, and narrow. The shapes of air floors and tracks depend on the amount of space available. Square floors are particularly popular among trackers and athletes.

Traditional tumble tracks require no power, but they can weigh a few hundred pounds. Because they are not weatherproof, you must supervise your child’s tumbling sessions. They are best used indoors, not outdoors. Tumbling can be dangerous, and you should always supervise your child carefully to prevent injuries.

Inflatable tumbling mats are better for tumbling. These mats are easier on the body, and they are easier to store and clean. They also offer the right amount of bounce and power for tumbling.


An Air Track mat can be a dangerous workout tool if used improperly. These mats can be slippery and lack traction. Make sure to purchase a sturdy one with traction and proper tension to prevent injury. Read the instructions carefully. Also, it is important to maintain the mat properly so that it remains safe for a long time.

Air track mats can be a great way to get in shape at home. They provide a springy surface for various exercises and are designed to help reduce the risk of injury while practicing. However, when using these mats, parents should monitor their children’s movements and keep sharp objects out of reach. When properly installed, an Air Track mat can reduce the risk of injury while improving a child’s skills.


A popular training mat for dancers and gymnasts, an air track mat is a thick, inflatable placemat that can be used by both amateur and professional athletes. These mats are typically made of PVC drop-stitch materials. You can find a variety of sizes and colors, and you can also custom-order your own mat. They are easy to clean and can be rolled up for easy storage.


One of the most popular types of air tracks is the inflatable tumbling mat. You will be hard pressed to find a mat at a lower price than this one. The mat is about 10 feet long, three feet wide, and four inches thick. While the mat is shorter than the competition floor, it is still wide enough for a full tumbling pass. The mat is made of an environmentally friendly drop-stitch material that is also used for water sports.

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