High Area, Research and Development Institute reveals CBD extract from hemp and its benefits for medicine, food, and cosmetics.

High Area, Research and Development Institute reveals hemp CBD extracts and benefits for medicine, food, and cosmetics. Researchers from the High Area, Research and Development Institute reveal hemp CBD extract has a mechanism of action that can help reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, and control symptoms. Convulsions without neurotoxicity In terms of beauty, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, helps fight free radicals, and restores nourishment.

Dr. Sarita Pinmanee, Researcher, High Area Research and Development Institute, who is a caretaker of “Hemp and Cannabis Research and Development Project as a cash crop and a new alternative crop in the highlands,” revealed that CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are classified as cannabinoids. Medically beneficial cannabinoids are found in the genus Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp. THC and CBD are abundant in the inflorescences extracted from the inflorescences. It is not an oil or extract from hemp seeds. For many countries CBD shop is legal.

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CBD is not classified as a drug, a substance that does not affect the nervous system (Non-psychoactive) and does not cause intoxication. by acting to relieve stress. Protect nerve cells, anti-seizure, analgesic, and anti-tumor effect. Anti-inflammatory Antipsychotics and CBD do not cause resistance or addiction. It can be used in various ways, both as herbal products, drugs, and food. THC is classified as a category one drug (World Health Organization) with psychoactive effects. (Psychoactive) causes euphoria, relaxation, makes sleepy, easy to fall asleep, stimulates appetite, anti-pain, anti-vomiting, and relaxes muscles.

CBD has a mechanism of action that makes it possible to reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, and control seizures. Without neurotoxicity, CBD can help reduce inflammation in the body. Reduce blockage of blood vessels that nourish the heart. And also helps in treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In terms of beauty, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps fight free radicals and restores and protects the skin from pollution and sunlight. It helps to increase collagen and restore skin to be smooth. Stimulate cell renewal and create new skin, reduce redness, dark spots look faded, and add moisture to the skin. This makes cosmetics containing CBD a bestseller all over the world.

In Thailand, the law allows CBD in all ready-to-use cosmetics of no more than 1.0%, prohibiting the use of oral products or products used in the intimate area. Which cosmetic products contain CBD as an ingredient, such as creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, lip balms, and herbal products such as balms, etc. CBD shop will help you to find good products.

“Unlock marijuana” free of drugs, but “not free” check the point that it is still illegal!

But that doesn’t mean “marijuana” isn’t regulated. It will not operate as a “drug”; it will be regulated like tobacco. and alcoholic beverages.

“Even though marijuana is no longer listed as a drug, but also has control but it’s not controlled as a drug,” said Dr. Thongchai.

Panther Puapongpan, a qualified person from the Drug Control Board, said that the academic information on Drug and Alcohol 2011 states that

  • When smoking the first It, Cigarettes has an addiction rate of 67.5%.
  • Alcohol, when first drinking, is addictive at 22.7%
  • Marijuana, when first smoked, is 8.9 % addictive.

Therefore, alcoholic beverages and how are cigarettes regulated? Marijuana is regulated in that way. But cannabis is no longer a drug. Extracts that contain more than 0.2% THC, even if it’s a drug, even if it exceeds 0.2%, can still be used for medical research. You have to buy all CBD product from good quality CBD shop.

Col. Prawet Moonpramuk, the committee’s expert, said that the issue of whether the draft announcement would violate international conventions or not in the International Convention regulating the cultivation of cannabis plants in the cannabis family but does not specify that it must be controlled under Drug laws, so we are proposing a bill to regulate like kratom, but at the same time restricting only those grown in the country. The part that comes from abroad is still a banned drug.

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