Are Our Ice Creams Safe for Dogs?

Almost every human likes ice cream, and many pet owners feed their dog’s ice cream now; dogs like it too!! The critical question in this scenario is whether it is even safe to give dogs ice cream? Even though you enjoy sharing your food with your furry companion, the best thing to do is not provide them with ice cream. There are several reasons why dogs should not have ice cream. You will explore all of the reasons in this article.

There are several reasons not to feed your dog ice cream, and they are as follows:

  • The first and the most important reason is that dogs are lactose intolerant, but intolerance varies from one dog to another. A dog’s body cannot fully digest milk once it stops having its biological mother’s milk. It can give them mild gastrointestinal troubles like diarrhea, loose stools, stomach pains, and vomiting.
  • Like humans, dogs also have allergies, and many dogs can get food allergies, including allergic reactions to having milk products. The signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction can show up as red rashes, itchy skin, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Ice creams are loaded with sugar. If your dog has too much sugar, their weight can increase. Weight gain often goes overlooked, and it can eventually lead to obesity. And obesity leads to other health problems. Even if the ice cream says sugar-free, you need to look if it uses sugar substitutes because those are even more harmful to your dog.
  • The last problem is the toxic flavors of the ice cream. For example, if the ice cream is chocolate flavored, that is not good for your dogs because they cannot properly digest the chocolates’ constituents and it is quite toxic for them.

Alternative for ice cream:

  • One of the best alternatives for ice cream is a frozen treat that can be easily made at home. For example, take two ripe bananas and blend them in a food processor. Then freeze them in ice cream cones.
  • Feeding your dog this plant-based dessert is safe for their digestive system. Also, this adds nutritional value.

If you have fed your dog ice cream before, it will be challenging to fight their puppy eyes when you eat and don’t bother to share with them. But, you have to be vigilant for your dog because otherwise it compromises your dog’s health.

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