Are European Baby Formulas Safe at Organics Best Shop?

If you’re looking for European baby formulas at you’ve probably noticed that American brands are not as green and organic as European ones. In fact, European baby formulas are often loaded with processed sugar and heavy metals. If you want to avoid exposing your child to these harmful ingredients, you’ll want to stick to European brands. These brands generally adhere to strict organic standards, and many parents prefer to use them.

Ingredients in organic formulas are not allowed in organic standards

Many parents have asked why the European Commission requires no trace of pesticide residues in infant formula. The EU’s equivalent of the FDA requires that organic formulas contain no pesticide residues. European baby formulas come from certified organic milk cows on Demeter farms. In contrast, many US formula manufacturers do not take these measures, and this could backfire. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find out for yourself.

While the majority of American formulas meet FDA nutrition guidelines, those from Europe have additional rules. For example, the EU bans certainly added sugars and requires that milk-based formulas contain at least 30% lactose. However, American formulas often contain hormones, antibiotics, and other synthetic nutrients. Whether or not the ingredients are organic or not, if you buy American formula, it is still best to choose the European version.

Ingredients in organic formulas may contain heavy metals

The U.S. House of Representatives recently released a staff report that details concerns about heavy metals in popular baby formulas. Some of the most popular brands of baby foods have been found to contain traces of toxic metals, including lead and mercury. While most companies do internal testing for heavy metals, they continue to allow dangerously high levels of these contaminants in their final products. Notably, three of the biggest culprits were identified by the study, including Walmart, Sprout Organic, and Plum Organics.

The problem with this situation is that the FDA does not require manufacturers to test for heavy metals and only provides vague guidelines to avoid putting children at risk of toxic levels. In addition, even organic brands are not required to test for heavy metals, which is why they may not be as safe as the other options. In contrast, European Union regulations prioritize infant health and development, and therefore, do not require heavy metals to be removed from baby formula.

European baby formulas contain processed sugars

You might be wondering how European baby formulas contain processed sugars. Many of them contain high fructose corn syrup or glucose, which are both high in glycemic index. They are also likely to be filled with rice starch, which helps make the formula thicker. If your baby spits up often, look for a formula that doesn’t contain these ingredients.

Holle is a renowned organic baby formula manufacturer and one of the leading manufacturers. The company is committed to environmental sustainability and even offsets CO2e emissions during formula production. They are also 100% organic and hold the highest private organic certification in Europe. You can also buy Holle products at If you’re not convinced yet, check out the ingredients.

Several common ingredients found in US baby formula are also dangerous for babies. Carrageenan, a chemical that may cause inflammatory bowel disease, is a common preservative used to keep the baby formula from clumping. It’s also a known cause of behavioral problems and may affect vision and hearing. Organic versions of formulas like Little Bundle contain these two nutrients.

They contain processed sugars

You can find several top-quality European brands of baby formulas at Organics Best Shop. They also offer helpful information on formula preparation. The founders of Organics Best Shop are Dutch parents who immigrated to the United States and decided to start a baby formula online store. The goal is to provide customers with an unmatched experience while buying organic baby formula. Founded by a pair of Dutch parents who lived in the United States, Organics Best Shop has grown into an established online store with an extensive range of organic baby formulas and other products.


When buying organic baby formulas, you should make sure you look for the EU organic logo. These products are produced with 95% organic ingredients, and the remaining 5% are regulated by strict conditions. Ingredients that are non-organic are usually fortified vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Look for the Demeter logo when buying formula from a European retailer. This certification system verifies that the products are produced using biodynamic methods.

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