Architectural Components In Any Building

Buildings can be simply divided into structural, architecture, and MEP. The architectural part lies in the middle and serves as the medium for both. This part includes most of the physical structure of the building.

It includes the biggest number of components among all three of them. To build them, architectural drafting services play an important role for contractors. Frequent ones that come in it are:

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Parapet
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Floor
  • Stairs
  • Terrace


The roof is made out of bricks or stones. This provides cover to the walls. Every story in the building has the roof as the completing component. While building it concrete and rebar too lay their contribution.


Before roofs, walls are built. These extend from the floor to the roof. It is mainly built with bricks or concrete blocks. While concrete is used to keep them glued together to provide the required function.


It is the extension of the wall on the while roof of the building. This at times just a part of the façade. While at some other times, this severs as the part of the safety at the rooftop. As it is just an extension, the parapet is made of the same construction materials as the walls.


This is an opening, like doors. This is made out mainly of glass, but its frame can be of materials such as lumber, drywall, metal, and other materials. These are installed in walls and serve mainly the purpose of out of the building.


These are the actual opening in the buildings. The door itself is made out of various construction materials such as metals, drywall, lumber, millwork, plastic, and others.


The floor includes the standing ground for the inhabitants. These are made like roofs with the same construction materials but they require more finishes effort.


Stairs provide mobility within floors. To ensure, they are made with the right materials. They require materials like walls abut they somewhat build like roofs.


A little place is extended after the walls. This space is somewhat like an additional floor. Thus, are built like floors.

Building These Components

Building them is like building other components with the difference in word order. The architectural parts are construed after the structural part. The components are made over the frame.

The build them contractors are hired. These contractors are responsible for carrying out the whole process. They hire labor, acquire material and get the needed machinery. With that done, they supervise and manage the whole process.

The construction is carried out floor by floor. Drafting services benefit in many ways. First, the gray structures are built in a floor-by-floor manner. Afterward, the components windows, doors, and others are added and then finishes.

Why Do They Need To Be Appropriate?

Architectural components are a fundamental part of all the buildings around us. In the absence of these components, the buildings are not only incomplete but also out of proportion. They cannot perform any function in that manner.

For example, if the roof is missing the building is exposed to sun and rain. Also, it cannot support the next floor. Similarly, eliminate one wall out of the whole building and it becomes exposed to interruptions and the roof becomes vulnerable. These and a number of other problems.


Architectural components are fundamental for all buildings. These are built after the structural frame of the build. Over this frame, every required material is installed and it provides the right outcome. These components are paramount in their completeness. A single missing and the building fail to carry out the concerning function.

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