A Basic Manual For Composing a Five Star Article

There is no set formula for composing a five star article, but there are some general guidelines that should be followed. First, an article must include a lead, or an introduction, which briefly summarizes the subject of the page. The second paragraph should sum up the main points of the article and a conclusion. The third paragraph should briefly address any controversies or important details that are raised during the article’s development.

A lead is the introductory text that introduces a topic. The lead should explain the significance of the topic, mention any relevant controversies, or consequential criticism. The length of the lead varies, but it should be at least four paragraphs. A lead does not have a heading, so it automatically appears above the table of contents. However, a well-written lead can be anywhere from one to five pages in length.

In Last

The lead should summarize the main section of the article. It should not contain less important controversies or praise. The emphasis should be on the importance of the topic. If possible, it should be printed out and passed around. This way, people can share the article without any need to click on links. Once the lead has been published, the article is ready to be shared with the rest of the community.

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