6 Smart Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping

Do you think about the best way to propose to your girlfriend? If the answer is yes, then congratulations to both! If you are ready to propose, then it means that you are ready to go ring shopping.

Prepping for the proposal is surely an exciting time; however, you ought to keep your emotions in check during the ring-buying process as it will cost you money, and you want to ensure that you are making the right choice and doing everything the right way!

If you are going to purchase rings together, you are probably getting things right. But, if you are going solo on the ring hunt, you have to go prepared; otherwise, the ring won’t fit.

Get Measured

Getting a perfect size matters the most! That said, getting measured correctly is a priority. That said, if the ring-buying process is a mutual venture, then both of you must measure your ring fingers correctly.

However, if the plan is to get the ring size of your significant other without ruining the surprise, then you have to consult her family or friends. Or, you can “borrow” an old ring from your significant other and use it as a guide.

Or, you might take a picture of their hand and show it to the jeweler for comparison. If you are still unsure, you might want to opt for a slightly larger size and benefit from the same day ring resizing – if needed.

Shop Smartly

As you might already know – buying an engagement ring and proposing to your significant other are two of the most important and expensive parts of your life; therefore, you will have to ensure that you get things right from the very beginning.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by emotions and rushing to the nearest jeweler shop, you might want to take your time and rather shop smartly, which includes buying a certified diamond stone from an accredited jeweler shop.

We have countless examples where customers get tricked into purchasing lower-quality stones or even fake stones. Hence, you will not want to buy into an illusion and get acquainted with a jewelry store that might sell counterfeit stones.

Always make sure that you conduct intensive research and also read the reviews from the jeweler’s website before venturing out to the jeweler’s store.

Decide on a Shape

Before you venture out on a ring hunt, you might want to do some research and understand the different shape options of the diamond. Diamonds come in different shapes and cuts, and each one of them has a different price according to the carat.

As a rule of thumb, round diamond cuts are the most expensive ones. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you might want to opt for a marquise or pear-shaped diamond. If your preferences include a bigger shaped diamond ring, you might want to choose an alternative cut to the classic round shaped diamond ring while opting for more carats.

By going prepared and having at least two options for your desired ring cut, you will find it easier to choose a ring at the shop.

Choose the Carat Size

Quantity vs. quality always matters – even when it comes to selecting an engagement ring. If you want to surprise her, you might find it hard to know the carat size that she might have in her mind.

You will need to know her preferences – some prefer a bigger stone over a clearer stone, whereas others want to have the absolute whitest diamond – disregarding the carat count. You can ask the spouse-to-be family and friends about her potential preferences before you go ring-hunting.

If the size matters to your girl, you must keep an ideal carat size in mind. When the budget is tight, you can always choose a less normal carat size. For instance, you can opt for a 0.92 carat instead of one carat – this way, you won’t only save money, but also no one else will be able to tell the fluctuations in weight.

The Band Matters Too

When it comes to the traditional wedding bands and engagement rings are typically made of platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or silver. According to the latest trends, you will see rose gold at the top as this is a fresh alternative to the traditional metals for the band.

If you aren’t familiar with the different metal types, you ought to know that platinum is more expensive than silver despite having a similar look. The density level of platinum is greater than that of silver. While choosing the metal for the band, you should consider the lifestyle of your significant other as well.

Some metals are scratchier than others, so consider your girl’s lifestyle and our budget before settling on a ring. Besides, you also have the option of setting stones in the ring’s band. Understanding one’s options before visiting the jewelry store is a good way to initiate the ring hunt.

Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind

While proposing to your significant other, you might want to keep the wedding band in mind. In the end, it will be your wedding band that will mark your wedding. Most couples are overly focused on finding the best engagement ring; they often don’t consider how the engagement ring will look with the wedding band.

While shopping for the diamond, you must keep in mind the style of the wedding band and how the ring will stand in contrast to the band. So, it is important to keep the bigger picture in mind, which includes the wedding band style that would sync with the engagement ring.

The Takeaway

We cannot stress enough about getting the ring fingers to get measured correctly. Ideally, the ring should feel; snug yet comfy. The ring should never be at risk of falling. It shouldn’t be tight to cut off the blood circulation.

If you aren’t shopping for the ring with your partner, you can casually ask them about their ring size. Or, you can take your partner’s random ring that they aren’t wearing to the jeweler and get it sized. Also, don’t forget to purchase a certified stone from an accredited jeweler shop.

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