5 Steps to Conquer Your Fear of the Gym

Fear of the first workout at the gym makes many people give up exercising. Indeed, some who dream of losing weight cannot normally set themselves up for a full workout at the gym. The main fear is related to low self-esteem, which makes one think about how one is perceived by others.

In this case, you need to understand that people who come to the gym have absolutely no interest in what others are doing. They are solving their problems, and they simply don’t need to talk about you or anyone else, because they are completely absorbed in the process of training.

If you still find it hard to believe that you won’t be the object of scrutiny from strangers, then here are some simple tips to help cure the fear of your first gym session.

Planning Your Workout

It’s not right to start working out the first time you walk into an unfamiliar gym. It’s more effective to plan everything in advance. For this purpose, it’s recommended to devote the first visit to studying of features of a gym:

  • Get acquainted with the administrator and coaches, go on a tour of the gym together with them. And don’t be afraid to ask questions about how to perform exercises on individual equipment. Such explanations are the responsibility of administrators and trainers.
  • Take note of the main workout equipment and its location, specify work regulations of the changing rooms, terms of using shower cabin, ask about additional services and facilities (hairdryer, massage, sauna, etc.).
  • Based on what you have seen, search the Internet for optimal training scenarios for you, which you will be able to repeat at the first training session. Study in detail the technique of performing the exercises, so as to protect yourself from injury.
  • When planning your workout, emphasize beginner exercises to help strengthen your muscles and cardio. High-impact strength training should be incorporated into your workout plan gradually.

Thanks to all this, you will feel more confident at the first class in the gym and will not be confused when interacting with a particular piece of equipment.

Choice of Sportswear

The efficiency of the training process largely depends on how correctly selected a set of sportswear. Try to think through the closet in advance so that nothing interferes with the exercises, does not restrict your movements and does not distract you.

Most women choose a minimum set of things for the gym, consisting of leggings with an overrated waist and a loose jersey. Wear socks and sneakers with elastic soles.

Be careful with the selection of colors. In order not to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, choose neutral colors: black or white. On such clothes, traces of sweat are invisible, respectively, you will have less reason to worry.

Don’t forget to bring a small towel so that you can use it to remove drops of sweat from your face and other parts of your body when you need it.

Finally, bring a shower cap in case you don’t have a hair dryer at the gym.

Follow Gym Rules

Usually, when buying a gym membership, administrators negotiate in advance the rules of conduct for visitors. For example, they may concern the time of use of shower cabins, conditions of renting lockers for belongings, etc. In terms of sports etiquette it’s also recommended to remember the following nuances:

  • It’s advisable not to wear a lot of makeup before your workout.
  • If you go to the gym after work, you should wash off your makeup and take a light shower before exercising.
  • When changing clothes do not forget to use deodorant, it’s better to refuse body lotion or perfume.
  • Be sure to gather your hair in a bundle so that it doesn’t interfere with neither you nor others.
  • Before you start exercising, lay a towel on the areas where your skin may come into contact with the equipment and leave sweat behind – it’s an obligatory rule of hygiene.
  • While exercising, use a towel to remove sweat droplets from your face and body.
  • After your workout, be sure to stop by the shower.

Find a Mate

The level of psychological discomfort and insecurity can be reduced if you manage to find a couple to work out together. Try talking to coworkers, friends, those with whom you bet via the best sports betting site, your partner or, at the very least, your roommate. Maybe they are experiencing the same problems as you and will agree to go to the gym with you. You can use a roommate finder like Diggz, to find roommates with similar circumstances.

The benefit of going to the gym in pairs is that you’ll be able to help and support each other while doing separate exercises to avoid injury.

If you haven’t been able to find a pair, any gym has a service such as individual training with instructors. A few sessions are enough to make you feel more confident and get used to an unfamiliar and unfamiliar environment.

An additional advantage of such a decision is that the instructor will monitor the correctness of the exercises, will give advice on planning a workout, and recommend the best dietary system, if necessary.

Match Your Music to Your Workout

To ward off those around you and stop thinking about how they perceive you, try to distract yourself. An excellent solution to this problem is to use headphones and work out to the accompaniment of your favorite music. Such a technique really helps. The main thing is to choose the right accessories.

For example, there are special headphones for sports activities, which do not fall out even with intense exertion and active movements.

Following such advice, you will take your mind off the people around you and be able to concentrate on the exercises you are doing. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of your exercises and allow you to get the desired result even faster.

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